Welcome to Lightning Network zone!

Would you like to be able to receive LN payments? In order to do this you have 2 options:
    1. Wait until your customers or other nodes fund channels to you.
    2. Fund channel with some node and allocate some bitcoins on node's side of channel.

Ln.zone was created to give you this second possibility. When you send LN payment to our node, we will give you coins back as regular on-chain payment. Entire procedure is quite easy end requires 3 simple steps:

1. Connect to our node and fund payment channel (may be not obligatory if you already have well connected payment channels)

lnd node:
c-lightning node:

2. Provide us amount you would like to transfer to our side of payment channel and bitcoin address to witch we send you funds back.

3. We generate invoice for you, and after you pay invoice, funds will be transferred to address you provided. You will be given back 10000 satoshis less. This is our fee. Part of it goes as on-chain payment fee to miners.

Your bitcoin address:


You can contact us ( contact.ln.zone@gmail.com ) in case of trouble or for any other reason.

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